This is a comprehensive list of all the Bushidokan Blackbelts. The list contains the name of the
blackbelt followed by the person's primary instructor. We intend to eventually have the list
contain dates of promotion as well. We also hope to have pages for each blackbelt containing
some pictures, etc.

8th Degree - Hachidan

Jim Harrison

6th Degree - Rokudan      

Steve Mackey - J. Harrison
Steve Katzer - Steve Mackey

5th Degree - Godan         

Ray Patton - S. Mackey   
Mark Payne - J. Harrison
Steve Stillwell - S. Mackey
Tom Whiteman - J. Harrison

4th Degree - Yondan

3rd Degree - Sandan

Teresa Katzer - S. Katzer
Paul Harter - S. Katzer
Ned Day - J. Harrison
Bob Edwards - S. Mackey
Jay Garrett - J. Harrison
Keli Harrison - J. Harrison
Kris Harrison - J. Harrison
Shawn Harrison - J. Harrison
Chuck Northcott - J. Harrison
Roy Porter - S. Mackey
Melissa Rodriguez - S. Mackey
Bob Thurman - S. Mackey

2nd Degree - Nidan

Stevie Bader - S. Katzer
Alex Blount - S. Katzer
Freddie Walker - S. Katzer
Dave Kingore - S. Katzer
Joyce Brown - S. Mackey
Jack Craig - S. Mackey
Brent Englehart - S. Mackey
Dan Fairbanks - S. Mackey
Scott Hallock - S. Mackey
Al Harris - S. Mackey
Erin Harris - S. Mackey
Jeff Payne - J .Harrison
Pete Thornton - S. Mackey
Coung Tran - S. Mackey
Fred Watson - S. Mackey

1st Degree - Shodan

Nick Warren- S. Katzer
Chris Admire - S. Katzer
David Bray - S. Katzer
Chris Ellis - S. Katzer
Gary Graham - S. Katzer
Ted Hall - S. Katzer
Keith Haddock - S. Katzer
Monica Wetekamp - S. Katzer
Robert Baum - S. Katzer
Sam Baker - S. Mackey
Terry Barker - S. Mackey
Ron Godard - S. Mackey
Ronnie Chalene - S. Mackey
Jim Cox - J. Harrison
Gene Eastland - M. Payne
David Becker - S. Stillwell
Elly Hale - S. Stillwell
Dirk Harrison - S. Mackey
Lance Harrison - S. Mackey
Jim Hartley - S. Mackey
John Hays - J. Harrison
Kevin Hillhouse - S. Mackey
Chuck Jennings - J. Harrison
Jeff Keller - S. Mackey
Darren Kerns - S. Mackey
Mike Kincaid - S. Mackey
Duane Lewis - S. Mackey
Scott Lybarger - S. Harrison
Billy Mackey - S. Mackey
Terry Parker - J. Harrison
Larry Page - J. Harrison
Brian Pray - S. Stillwell
Jeff Robinson - S. Mackey
Donna Rogers - B. Edwards
Rick Rogers - B. Edwards
Mike Roth - S. Mackey
Thane Sharp - B. Edwards
Joe Smedley - J. Harrison
Ryan Smith - J. Harrison
Mike Snyder - S. Mackey
Kenny White - B. Edwards
Greg Williams - M. Payne
Mitch Young - S. Mackey
George Woy - J. Harrison
Brent Anderson - F. Watson
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