Steve Katzer's school fosters a positive learning environment that allows me to leave
class feeling like I did something good for the day. Regular class attendance has
improved my strength, stamina, flexibility, balance, quickness, and cardiovascular
fitness. I have known Steve for over twenty years; perhaps the best compliment I ever
paid him was to entrust my grandson to his instruction.

Rich Healzer, 60
Retired Law Enforcement (25 years)
Retired Private Investigator (9 years)
816-353-0866        7548 Raytown Rd.  Raytown, MO
No Paper Tigers - We Produce Fighters, Not Dancers
Katzer work with students of all ages and levels of ability. He knows each of his
students personally; he always remembers what skills each is working on and what
test each is working toward. Mr. Katzer is an impressive teacher who is able to adjust
his teaching in age-appropriate manner for those who seek his instruction--from very
young to those who participate later in life. Steve Katzer spirals the curriculum in a
way that allows and challenges his students to progress while continuing to reinforce
and fine-tune the basic skills and defenses. Mr. Katzer has created more than just a
karate school; he has created a community. I am proud to be his student and to be a
part of Katzer's Bushidokan.

Kathy Biagioli (age 51)
Middle School Teacher
2009 Best Martial Arts Nominee - Kansas City's A List

5 star rating5
Posted by: mxhalofan12, 9/29/2008

Awesome karate school, very fun, affordable and convenient!!!! Steve Katzer is an
excellent instructor, he is skilled, easy going and fun to be around. HIGHLY

Katzer's Bushidokan
5 star rating5
Posted by: mckatlin, 9/29/2008

I love this place. Steve is a great teacher and takes his time with me.

Katzer's Bushidokan
5 star rating5
Posted by: teenalhall, 9/29/2008

Awesome!! Works great with kids, no conracts and no bull! A+++ Would recomend
for anyone and any age!

Katzer's Bushidokan
5 star rating5
Posted by: CBrasher, 9/29/2008

Excellent training is the standard at Katzer's. I enjoy the class' and feel confident
that I've earned the belt I wear. Age and gender are not an issue - you learn and
train at your own pace. The teachers and other students encourage and support
you at every level. I would absolutely recommend Katzer's Bushidokan to anyone
looking for real karate skills.

Katzer's Bushidokan
4 star rating4
Posted by: shoelove, 9/28/2008

steve takes time with each student and they have fun in his class

Katzer's Bushidokan
4 star rating4
Posted by: vbuller, 9/27/2008

If you are looking for a "belt-mill" or fancy decor...go some place else. But if you
are looking for a school that teaches self-defense and discipline, this is where you
belong. Don't take my word, observe their students and compare them to other
schools. It is night and day.

Katzer's Bushidokan
5 star rating5
Posted by: Fremaxq, 9/27/2008

Wonderful place. Very kid Friendly

Katzer's Bushidokan
5 star rating5
Posted by: mindbullet, 9/27/2008

An awesome school! Cheaper than most, no contracts. Good sparring and self
defense. Great with kids!

Katzer's Bushidokan
5 star rating5
Posted by: ldycarneal, 9/27/2008

Amazing! That is exactly what this school and teachers are!! My family has been
involved with Katzer's for over 20yrs. This is the best place to bring your children.
This is definately for people of ALL ages. Men, women and kids love Katzer's

Katzer's Bushidokan
5 star rating5
Posted by: stevekatzer, 9/25/2008

One of our specialties is children's self defense. Give us a call for a free lesson for
you or your child today. 816-353-0866

Katzer's Bushidokan
5 star rating5
Posted by: klt120, 9/25/2008

My experience with Katzer's Bushidokan has been life changing. I've never felt
more confident, stronger, or physically fit in my whole life. I can can thank this
school for that. I would recomend training at Bushidokan for any age or gender.
You will actually learn something at this school unlike so many others.

Katzer's Bushidokan
5 star rating5
Posted by: steviekat, 9/25/2008

I've been studying here for 14 years and I've been in a lot of other schools and this
is definately the best one by far.

Katzer's Bushidokan
5 star rating5
Posted by: mathews, 9/25/2008

There is no other school on the Missouri side that can even come close to the
level of skill and toughness of a Bushidokan fighter. I am proud to be a student
and am amazed at the fighting techniques I'm learning from Steve Katzer. He is the
real deal.
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